Friday, October 22, 2010

Infinity Scarf {Tutorial}

As promised, here is the tutorial for how to make an infinity scarf.  I had some questions as to what an infinity scarf is.  It's a scarf with no end and no beginning... so a continuous circle, that you loop around your neck.  They've gained in popularity this year and I've seen them everywhere, so I thought I would go ahead make my own!  Here's how to make your own in time for the cooler weather that's on its way (or already here for some of you).

My appologies for the picture quaility, or lack thereof.  It was night time when I sewed this scarf and the lighting wasn't so great.

STEP 1:  Cut your fabric(s) to the desired length and width.  I used fabric 2 yards in length and 16" in width (enough to accomodate a full panel of Anna Maria Horner's Square Dance voile).  I used 2 different fabrics to make this scarf reversible, as well!

STEP 2:  Place your fabrics right sides together.

STEP 3:  Sew around the 2 long sides and 1 short side using coordinating thread and 1/4 inch seams.

STEP 4:  Turn your scarf right side out and press the seams.  One short end of the scarf will still be open. 

STEP 5:  Turn ~1/2 an inch of those rough ends inside the scarf and press these, as well.

STEP 6:  Insert the opposite end of the scaf into the open end to make a single continuous loop.  Sew the site of fabric insertion and your infinity scarf is finished.

You now have a completed infinity scarf! 

Wear all season long!


  1. Gorgeous scarf + tutorial! The fabric reminds me of vintage hankies!