Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fabric, Fabric Everywhere...Organizational Help from the Experts!

So, I just started quilting approximately 3 years ago and I've used so many beautiful fabrics.  I LOVE fabric! much so that I can't seem to stop buying them up when I see some I like and I also can't seem to part with scraps that I think I may use in the future.  The problem with this is that I have drawers full of unorganized fabric.  I'm SO type A that it's driving me CRAZY just knowing these drawers exist, but at the same time I don't know HOW to tackle this issue... so I keep the scrap/extra fabric drawers closed so that I don't have to look at them.  I felt motivated to remedy this problem yesterday, so I emptied out 1 drawer onto my workspace in the kitchen.  In the end, I was so overwhelmed that I ended up just putting it all back into the drawer!

I'm in need of some advice from the experts out there on HOW to organize my fabrics!  I'm overwhelmed by the amount that I'm begining to accumulate.  I don't want to just throw them away, but how do I organize them for future use WITHOUT becoming a fabric hoarder!?!?! 

I posted a topic about this in The Modern Quilt Guild group on online and I sincerely hope to get some suggestions as to how to approach this. 

You can see this post at

I hope that the suggestions come rolling in and that you all find them helpful as well!  I'll post in the future about how I handle this issue and what the end result looks like.  Thanks in advance for the help and advice!


  1. I SO know that overwhelming feeling! I just organized my stash recently and it took me the better part of a week, you can see my result here I have a short Billy Bookcase from Ikea with glass doors and as you can see I organize mostly by color. Solids are grouped together by color and a few designer piles for WIPs. I used the ruler method to fold it all, seen here I also did a destash on Etsy to move the fabrics I had in excess or just knew I wasn't going to use, to make room for all the new yummy lines coming out =) Hope that helps, good luck!

  2. I can't really say this works, because I have WAY too much and it is overflowing! But, trying to keep your stash organized is important, or you will forget what you have! I have an entire room for my crafts (our guest room) so I am able to keep it fairly organized, but even still I have too much! I would say only keep the stuff you LOVE and you know you will use again. All the other stuff you can find someone to swap with, or have a giveaway, that way it isn't taking up space and overcrowding you. (I think I am preaching to myself here!!) With the fabric you keep, if you can get a shelf that can be for fabric alone that is best, (even if it is just a shelf or two in your hall closet) so that you can easily see what you have. I like to keep fabrics that I know I want to use for a project all together, and maybe even with the pattern I want to use with them...but that doesn't always happen!
    Hope that helps!