Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Update: Elliott's Baby {Quilt} and Giving Up?

We'll start with "Giving Up?" first...  For those of you who don't know, I cannot stand fast food and have a strong (and recently validated) fear of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Fast food and HFCS are both BIG contributors to obesity and heart disease in America.  While I cannot disclose the results of the study, because it's ongoing, I CAN say that the results of the study thus far have motivated me to give up BOTH... FOREVER.  I will no longer knowingly eat anything with HFCS and I will do my best to not eat fast food! 

I make a new baby quilt every time a friend has a baby.  This is a NEW tradition and so far I have made 4 and have 2 more in the works for due dates in December and January, which are the "Big Stitches" projects I have ongoing.  However, I felt this incredible pang of guilt as I was sitting on the couch hand quilting one the other night for a friend since I realized that while I have intended to make a quilt for my son, Elliott (9 months old), it kept getting moved to the back burner along with my Folk Dance quilt for myself. 
Elliott - 9 months
ET's just too cute to leave hanging... so, this weekend I decided that I would pull out the adorable fabric bundle I purchased from Fabricworm the other week and get started.  I put all of my other projects on the backburner to make this one.  Hope you like it!  The fabric palette for the quilt top is Lagoon and Lime and is comprised of the following fabrics:
Michael Miller's Groovy Guitars in Lagoon, Ta Dot in Lagoon, Zoology in Lagoon,
Play Dot in Lagoon, and Dinky Dots in Lime; 
Monaluna Circa 50 Starburst in Pool, Woodland Chain in Pool, and Tree Stripes
I used Kona Solids in Coal for the sashing and worked on the quilt most of the weekend during what little free time I had and here is the finished quilt top!  I hope you like it.  I'll start the quilt back this week and will try to get this finished by the end of next weekend so I can include it in next Monday's Weekend Update!

Elliott's Finished Lagoon and Lime
Charm Square Quilt Top
Now I just have to decide HOW I want to quilt this one...

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